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Tanzu is an ever-growing and maturing suite of products to help Operators, Platform Engineers, and Developers reach new heights. New courses are being developed as the product suite evolves.

Tanzu Application Platform: Overview

Tanzu Application Platform: Overview

This course provides an overview of Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) and the problems it aims to solve.

6 Lessons
1h 19m
Tanzu Application Platform: Inner Loop Development

Tanzu Application Platform: Inner Loop Development

This course introduces developers to the Path to Production concept, and the Inner Loop software development workflow in Tanzu Application Platform.

8 Lessons
1h 19m
Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations: Preparation and Prerequisites

Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations: Preparation and Prerequisites

Prepare for the Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations (TKO) learning path with a review of some key components used by TKO — cert-manager, Kubernetes operators, and the Cluster API.

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