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Tanzu is an ever-growing and maturing suite of products to help Operators, Platform Engineers, and Developers reach new heights. New courses are being developed as the product suite evolves.

Tanzu Application Platform: Overview

Tanzu Application Platform: Overview

This course provides an overview of Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) and the problems it aims to solve.

6 Lessons
1h 19m
Tanzu Application Platform: Inner Loop Development

Tanzu Application Platform: Inner Loop Development

This course introduces developers to the Path to Production concept, and the Inner Loop software development workflow in Tanzu Application Platform.

8 Lessons
1h 19m
Tanzu Application Platform: Production Ready

Tanzu Application Platform: Production Ready

The main goal of the course is to cover topics to help you get you, your team, and your organization be Production Ready by using Tanzu Application Platform functionalities that go beyond the application code you’ll write but are crucial to any Enterprise level apps.

9 Lessons
2h 11m

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