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Meet our Instructors

Want to learn more about your Tanzu Academy instructors? Check out our expert education engineers that help bring you the content.

Aaron Torgerson

Solutions Engineer at Upbound

Was the first member of the technical marketing team for Tanzu Application Platform.

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Bijoy Choudhury

Senior Solutions Architect at VMware

Focuses on designing and developing educational learning paths for cloud-native practices and technologies, specifically around VMware Tanzu and the Kubernetes ecosystem.

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Boskey Savla

Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMWare

Focused on spreading knowledge on Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations.

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Chris Culpin

Senior Technical Instructor at VMware

Assessor for new instructors and responsibility for Beta and Train the Trainer courses.

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Cody McCain

Senior Product Manager at Cisco

Passionate about Project Antrea and container networking.

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Corey Dinkens

Technical Marketing Architect at VMware

Focused on spreading knowledge on VMware Tanzu Mission Control.

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Diana Carroll

Technical Content Developer at VMware

Focused on creating learning content related to Tanzu.

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Eitan Suez

Content Engineer at Tetrate

Delivered training on the Tanzu Application Service (TAS), Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI), and Platform Automation with Concourse.

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Frederick Verduyckt

Lead Solution Engineer at VMware

Based in Belgium and is passionate about Networking and Security.

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Jason Goocher

Head of Customer Success at CtrlStack, Inc.

Built a strong passion for customer empathy, knowledge sharing, and creating world-class team cultures throughout his 10 years in the SaaS startup space.

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John Gardner

Staff Technical Solutions Architect at VMware

A technologist with deep experience in many aspects of software, systems and application development.

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Kenny Coleman

Staff Technical Marketing Architect at VMware

Looks to spread knowledge on interesting ways to integrate open source cloud native infrastructure tools with VMware Tanzu products.

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Lee Xie

Senior Education Engineer at VMware

Works on creating and delivering Kubernetes based education.

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Marc Alumbaugh

Staff Technical Instructor at VMware

Teaches customers how to build and manage their cloud with tools like Tanzu, Kubernetes, VCF, HCX, vRealize Automation/Orchestrator, NSX-T and VMware Cloud on AWS.

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Neil Winton

Staff Solution Architect at VMware Tanzu

Loves helping other people to learn, grow and develop

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Nicholas Seemiller

Software Engineer at BetterUp

Helped to bring VMware’s flavor of Kubernetes to the Open Source community.

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Nigel Brown

Senior Open Source Community Manager at VMware

Based in Austin, Texas and focused on Cloud Native Technologies like containers and Kubernetes.

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Niran Evenchen

Senior Product Manager at VMware

Responsible for overseeing the development and success of the Tanzu Service Mesh product line.

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Paul Wiggett

Staff Field Engineer at VMware Tanzu

Focused on spreading knowledge and best practices on the majority of the Tanzu portfolio.

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Ryan Baker

Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMware

Focused on spreading knowledge and best practices on Tanzu Application Platform.

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Ryan Schneider

Lead Technical Trainer at VMware

Passionate about architecture and building great systems. Excited about the cloud native movement that the Kubernetes community is driving.

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Scott Lowe

Principal Field Engineer at Kong, Inc.

Focused on Kubernetes and related cloud-native technologies. Helps customers deploy and deliver applications with cloud-native and open source technologies.

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Scott Rogers

Technical Marketing Manager at VMware

Focused on spreading knowledge on VMware Aria Operations for Applications.

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Scott Sisil

Senior Product Line Manager at VMware

Focuses on building products that increase developer productivity in a sustainable and scalable way.

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Sergi Almar

Java and Spring Software Engineer, Spring I/O organizer

Based in sunny Barcelona, Sergi is an experienced software developer and architect focused on JVM technologies. Sergi is the lead organizer of the Spring I/O conference.

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