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Course Introduction
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Course Introduction

Goals of this course

The primary goal of this course is to provide you with a high-level understanding of the main products and components that make up VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations, and how they fit together.

You are not expected to become an expert in any of these components by the end of the course. These products are all significantly complex in their own right. You should, however, have an appreciation of what each of them does and how they might be used.

It is also a goal of this course that you should be able apply what you have learned to understanding the TKO Reference Architecture. That will, however, also require some understanding of the cloud platforms onto which TKO will be deployed, and those components of the overall solution are beyond the scope of this course.

About the lessons

This course brings together material from a variety of sources. For this reason, they are at different levels of detail and there may be some duplication of topics between the lessons.

While most of the lessons contain video content, there are usually links to additional information at the bottom of each lesson page. Please make sure you scroll down to see these.

Questions to ask

As you go through the course some questions to bear in mind might be:

  • How does this build on base Kubernetes and networking functions?
  • What value does this product or component specifically add?
  • What kind of customer problems have I seen that this might solve?
  • Why might I choose not to use this component?
  • What else do I need to learn about to understand this component better?

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