Eitan Suez

Content Engineer at Tetrate

Eitan is a Content Engineer at Tetrate. In his previous role as an instructor at VMware he delivered training on the Tanzu Application Service (TAS), Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI), and Platform Automation with Concourse.

Prior to VMware, Eitan was a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, where he had the opportunity to lead teams and assist enterprise customers with delivering software, with automated software testing, and with agile transformations.

Eitan has many years experience as a software developer, and spent four seasons as a speaker on the No Fluff Just Stuff conference tour. Eitan's first open source project dates back to 2002 when he developed a database-backed Java API documentation system, which achieved some measure of notoriety after being written up on java.sun.com and later adopted by dzone.com.


Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations: Products and Components

Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations: Products and Components

A hands-on introduction to the main products and components that make up VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations (TKO).