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What is Tanzu Application Service?
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What is Tanzu Application Service?

One definition describes it as follows:

VMware Tanzu Application Service is a modern application platform for enterprises that want to continuously deliver and run microservices across clouds.

As such, Tanzu Application Service is a developer-focused platform. Although thousands of end-users may interact with applications running on Tanzu Application Service, the main users that interact with the platform itself are application developers and operators.

While this course focuses on deploying and running Tanzu Application Service the following presentation and demonstration videos will help you to build an understanding of what it means to use the platform from the perspective of a developer. You will see the advantages Tanzu Application Service brings and to better understand the ideal end-user experience.

It is also worth taking a little time to understand the main elements of Tanzu Application Service, and broadly how it works. This will help you to understand many aspects of the installation and configuration process. It will also be very helpful as you manage the platform and troubleshoot issues that you or other users encounter.

The test-app

For the purpose of the demonstration the videos show the deployment of a simple test application to Tanzu Application Service. This application, called simply test-app, comes from the Cloud Foundry GitHub repository of example applications. The app is written using the Go programming language, but knowledge of Go is not required for this course. The demonstration is simply using it as an example of a modern web application that might run in a cloud environment.

Later on in this course you will deploy the same application on to the Tanzu Application Service platform that you build, to verify that it works as expected.

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